Kala Jyothi Invitational Golf Tournament

1 Tournament Title : 8th KalaJyothi Invitational Golf Tournament. By invitation of Mr A. Bapanna, Managing Director, Kala Jyothi.

2 Tournament Format : StableFord (Net & Gross).  Please pick up the ball if 5 strokes have been made.

3. No. of Strokes eligible for the Tournament :

Men 0-12 handicap – 1 stroke, Men 13 & above handicap – 2 strokes.
Women 0-12 handicap – 1 stroke, Women 13-18 handicap – 2 strokes, Women 19 and above
3 strokes.

4. Late Reporting : Players to report 10 minutes before Tee Off (Penalty will be enforced as per the R&A rules)

5. List of Prizes
    1. Closest to the pin on Hole #12
    2. Maximum Pars (tie broken by lucky draw amongst the winners present)
    3. Maximum Brdies (tie broken by lucky draw amongst the winners present)
    4. Stableford Winner 0-12 h/c category
    5. Stableford RunnerUp 0-12 h/c category
    6. Stableford Winner 13 & above h/c
    7. Stableford Runner Up 13 & above h/c
    8. Ladies Stableford Runner Up
    9. Gross Stableford Winner
   10. Ladies Stableford Winner
   11. Rolling Trophy Winner (Max Net Stableford Points of all categories)

** One prize per player only. No Prize awarded if there is a no-Show at Prize Distribution.

6 Prize Distribution :
Hosted at the Golf Course on 27th December, Sunday Evening at 7pm followed by Dinner. All golfers are requested to make it convenient to grace the occasion.

7. Rules of Golf as approved by the R&A Rules Limited are to be followed except for the local rules mentioned on the score card.  Potted flower points are to be treated as GUR and the ball maybe dropped in the nearest drop Zone. The Tournament Committees Decision is Final.


  1. Score Cards must be rotated in the Four Ball and must not be marked by Caddies.
  2. Play the ball as it lies (i.e. No Preferred Lies).
  3. Cart Paths and relief maybe taken by dropping the ball in the nearest drop zone.
  4. Potted flower plants are to be treated as GUR, play is prohibited and free relief maybe taken by dropping at the nearest drop zone.
  5. Completed Score cards duly signed by the player & marker to be droped in the scoring area.  Once submitted, they are not be taken back.
  6. Incomplete and unattested score cards will not be considered.
  7. Caddie Fees are paid by the Hosts.  Please do not TIP them.

Event Committee: Mr. Ramnath,  Mr. BVK Raju, Mr. Dayakar Reddy,
Tournament Committee:  Mr. D. Ajay Kumar, Mr. OmPrakash Modi, Mr. Krishna Gudur, Mr. Vikram Pamarthy.
Referees : Mr. Sreenath Rao (9885728017),  Mr. D. Ajay Kumar (9963300550)